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Easter Seals client rep Brad using rehab tools

Driving Evaluations & Driver Rehabilitation
for Individuals with Disabilities and Seniors

For many adults with disabilities, the ability to drive an automobile is essential to an independent lifestyle. The Photo of woman driving with hand controlsEaster Seals Rehabilitation Center offers comprehensive driver evaluation and training to help individuals achieve that goal. For more information on driver evaluation and training, contact us online or call 812-479-1411.

A clinical assessment and behind-the-wheel evaluation identify the specific needs of each person. Driver's training, education in compensation techniques, and training in the use of hand controls or other adaptive equipment are all available from an occupational therapist who is also a qualified driving rehabilitation specialist. These services are offered for new drivers with disabilities AND for those who experience changes in their abilities due to accident, illness, or aging. senior driver

As our population ages, more seniors and their families have concerns about safe driving.
An objective evaluation at the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center can help to determine if age-related changes are affecting an individual's driving ability. Retraining with new techniques and/or adding special driving aids to the vehicle can help many mature drivers compensate for those changes. When necessary, our caring staff can help seniors make a smoother transition from driving to using other forms of transportation.

High-Tech Equipment Enhances Independence for Adults with Disabilities

The Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center has offered driver’s training for decades, and thousands of individuals with significant disabilites have learned to drive using hand controls and other adaptations. Now the dream of Wade Conway uses a joystick control to drive.driving independently is also within reach of people who couldn't utilize traditional adaptations due to the severity of their disabilities. Individuals can use a modified steering wheel, joysticks, voice controls, or other adaptive devices to safely control a vehicle.

With this computerized driver’s training system, many individuals with severely limited mobility can learn to drive, gaining independence. For many of the people in the program, the inability to drive was previously a major obstacle to holding a job, pursuing an education, or participating in daily activities that most able-bodied adults take for granted.


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