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Easter Seals client rep Brad using rehab tools

Counseling, Social Work & Psychological Services

A disability can create special challenges in diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing support for individuals and their families. The Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center meets these special needs with social work services, psychological evaluations, and counseling. For information on referrals or other questions about social work, psychological testing, and counseling, contact the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center.

Counseling Services
Many children, youth and adults with disabilities face special challenges. They may experience fears about the future, self-esteem issues, and feeling "different" than their peers. Many parents of children with disabilities also experience very unique challenges related to managing a child's development and behavior. Counselors at the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center can help individuals focus on their abilities, learn positive coping methods, improve challenging parenting tasks, and enhance social and behavioral skills.

Social Work Services

Social workers at the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center are licensed and experienced in working with children and adults with disabilities and their families. Social workers can provide information about services at the Center and in the community, act as a liaison between families and therapists, and provide emotional support to individuals and family members.

Psychological Services
The Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center provides psychological evaluations and testing for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Working with staff therapists and other professionals, the staff psychologist can help to diagnose disabilities, developmental delays, and conditions affecting learning, social and behavioral skills. Test results can help families make decisions about the need for medical therapies and counseling.

Teenager with disability surrounded by friends
Aimee made new friends after learning new social skills in counseling sessions.



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