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Therapeutic Preschool

Preschool parent survey results

Through therapeutic preschool, the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center strives to change lives for children, ages 3-5, with disabilities and delays. Parent surveys help to ensure that we are meeting the needs of preschoolers and their families. Here are the latest survey results from August 2010.

Parents were asked to answer the following questions using a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest & 5 being the highest. 52 surveys were distributed and 20 completed surveys were returned, for a response rate of 30%. Parents were also invited to write in comments anonymously; click here to read their remarks.

Preschoolers in graduation caps

A. My child's classroom has a positive, friendly atmosphere.   Avg. score:  5.00

B. My child is given the chance to work on skills in the area of:

  • Fine motor   Avg. score:  5.00
  • Pre-academic / concepts   Avg. score:  4.95
  • Gross motor/sensory motor   Avg. score:  5.00
  • Self-help   Avg. score:  4.75
  • Language / augmentative devices    Avg. score:  4.85
  • Social / appropriate play   Avg. score:  4.95
mo 2

C. The teacher keeps me informed of what my child is doing in preschool & the progress he / she makes.   Avg. score:  4.85

D. The therapy staff keeps me informed of what my child is doing in therapy & the progress he / she makes.   Avg. score:  4.70

E. The field trips are fun, educational & appropriate for this age group.   Avg. score:  4.65

F. My child benefits from the small class size.   Avg. score:  5.00

G. My child benefits from the opportunity to interact with peers with typically developing skills.   Avg. score:  4.8

H. Over all, I am satisfied with my child's preschool program.   Avg. score:  4.90

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