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Thanks to Easter Seals, Sophie is doing well in school and making up for lost time!

Sophie Weinzapfel, daughter of Greg and Julie Weinzapfel of Mt. Vernon, IN is the [object Object]2011 Easter Seals Child Representative. As a newborn, Sophie was diagnosed with severe/profound hearing loss at the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, one of the few facilities in the region with the expertise and equipment to conduct comprehensive hearing tests for infants. At 3 months of age she was fitted with hearing aids by an Easter Seals audiologist. She also began a specialized type of speech therapy to help her understand speech and learn to talk.

After cochlear implant surgery at age 2 ?, Sophie returned to the Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, where she continues receiving weekly therapy and periodic hearing aid adjustments.

Sophie is a tough little girl who is very determined. Now age 8, she is fully mainstreamed at St. Philip School and she is doing quite well! Therapy at Easter Seals is helping her catch up to her hearing peers and work on age appropriate expressive and receptive language.

Sophie also loves to read and ride her bike. She adores mermaids and thinks she may be one when she grows up!

Sophie’s mom says when she was first diagnosed, they didn’t know what to expect. They didn’t even know if she would speak. Julie says now, “Many times we cannot get her to be quiet--a blessing for sure!”

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